10 May 2011

New Stuff

Sorry it has been a while for me. I'm a bit useless at this blogging at the minute. I need to make it a habit.
I have been a very busy bee though. Trying to make plenty of things for my Etsy shop. My newest addition are these McDougal Mits:
McDougal Mits
I love them! They were actually my boyfriend, Terry's idea! I think I might have to ask him for more! I'm currently making a pair in white with pink edging and bow. Very girly!
I am still waiting for my first sale since moving my shop from "KellyMadeMe". Sometimes I wish I hadn't changed over. My shop has been open for a month now so I'll definitely give it more time though. Plug Plug Plug! That's all I seem to do!
Well, I'm off to finish my girly gloves. Bye for now!

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