29 May 2011

New Hats in the House!

I decided to make a few hats with some scrap ends of wool I had left over from making the bigger stuff.
I'm happy with how they all turned out <Geek>and bought myself a shiny new 10mm circ as a reward :) </Geek>
Here are the lovely hats in question. I think my favourite is the grey lacy number.

Tell me what you think. I might try my hand at actually putting the patterns up if I can write them out properly for humans to read. At the minute they are in Kelly code. Not good for anyone else to see :)

25 May 2011

Sunny Days and Baby Kittens

Well we have had some lovely weather lately and then it all went horribly wrong this week when we got the torrential rain and the blustering winds :(
So I thought I would remind us all of the sunshine with a sunny picture of Kaden taken a few weeks ago.

On Easter Sunday this year, one of our cats (we have 3) gave birth to her 6th litter! She had 4 beautiful cuddly kittens but as she had them in the back of our under stairs cupboard, we are only just able to see them properly and get photos of them. 
Here are a couple of the kittens. More to come when I can catch them!
Tiny Dude!

Not sure why I have screw drivers around my laptop. It definitely isn't broken...
He/she has gorgeous colouring!

Cheezburger moment!

She wasn't impressed with being picked up at first :S

But she got the hang of it quite quickly.

Tiny Ginger baby!

There are two more kittens to see. Both are a lot darker than these two. I'll get some pictures up as soon as I can. They are 4 weeks old now so only 4 weeks before they will be sold. Making the most of them now :)

17 May 2011

Hooray! A Yummy Wool Shop! Baaaaaaa!

After trailing the internet for a lovely shop to sell me the yarn I want, I have found one near my mum's house in Hartlepool!
While the lady was on the phone I took some sneaky photos with the camera on my mobile. Not great but I was in awe...
Merino Heaven!

Button Heaven

Bits and Bobs Heaven

And more yummy wool!

I'm in love with this shop! But I haven't had chance to get back yet and since going there I have noticed a new shop open up in my home town of Darlington. It's not as big as this one and doesn't look like a wool warehouse! But I'll take a look around since this is 40 minutes drive for me. Bit far to go in a hurry. Doesn't mean I won't be popping in when I go to see my mum!

12 May 2011

Just a Quicky

Just thought I would show you my new McDougal Gloves in white with pink, like I mentioned below.
I'm quite proud of these!
They are listed up on Etsy now. Find them here :)
These ones don't have the knitted thumb like the green and red ones. I decided just to cast it off in the pink. I don't actually own a pair of dpns so it was making my life too difficult. I must invest in a set though :P

10 May 2011

New Stuff

Sorry it has been a while for me. I'm a bit useless at this blogging at the minute. I need to make it a habit.
I have been a very busy bee though. Trying to make plenty of things for my Etsy shop. My newest addition are these McDougal Mits:
McDougal Mits
I love them! They were actually my boyfriend, Terry's idea! I think I might have to ask him for more! I'm currently making a pair in white with pink edging and bow. Very girly!
I am still waiting for my first sale since moving my shop from "KellyMadeMe". Sometimes I wish I hadn't changed over. My shop has been open for a month now so I'll definitely give it more time though. Plug Plug Plug! That's all I seem to do!
Well, I'm off to finish my girly gloves. Bye for now!
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