27 Apr 2011

Not a Happy Bunny :(

So yesterday, while I was taking some pictures of clothes for eBay (having a clear out) my camera died. I recently bought a new battery for it since the old one wouldn't work at all or charge. Turns out, neither will the new one. So it's not the battery at all, it's the bloody charger! I'm not impressed!
I tried changing the fuse but it wasn't having it. So I have paid £7.99 for a new one from eBay. Some of you may think that's not a bad price, but the fact I could have got one for £4.95 if I wanted to wait a month for it coming from Hong Kong is bugging me. If they can sell it for that price with free postage coming from Hong Kong then the British seller could do it even cheaper, pah!
Never mind. I have sucked it up and bought the charger. Lets just hope it gets here soon so I can get my new stuff in the shops and get some pictures on here too!
It's looking kinda bare...

26 Apr 2011

Up and Ready to Go!

Ok, here I am. All prepared to start this blog now I've arranged it all how I like it. Not too sure about this pink back ground mind....we'll have to see how that sits with me over the coming months.
My shops are both open as "Kydel" instead of "Kelly Made Me" which I thought was a bit of a childish name. Figured if I want to be serious I need a serious name....well Kydel is as serious as I could think of. I kinda like it.
I am currently knitting every hour of the day (little break to blog!) to get more summery stock into my shops.
A bit disappointed that nothing has been sold just yet. Since I had sold some things from my old shops, it looks a bit bare without a number of sales link on the side. But I'm sure it won't stay that way for long. If it does, I'll have to take the hint and give up!
So...I'll keep you posted on how things go and I'll stick pictures up here too. Starting with the wonderful wool shop I found in Hartlepool near where my mum lives! I was like a kid in a toy shop!

19 Apr 2011

Under Construction

I will be around soon. Don't fret...Just a bit too busy to sort through it today. But over Easter break I will make this all nice and shiny and ready for my ranting ramblings...or rambling rants... One or tuther!
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