About Me


Hello, my name is Kelly. I'm not great at this bio stuff but here we go...
In between being mum to my beautiful boy, Kaden, and a half decent partner to Terry, I love knitting! I am not trained but try to design my own items. I like hats and scarfs, shrugs, gloves, cushions, and have recently started getting into the bigger stuff. Throughout this, I try hard to put it all together to sell on Etsy.com & Folksy.com to make a little extra money for my family. 

Feel free to get in touch through any of the links to the left (Etsy, Folksy, Facebook or Twitter) or email me at kellymademe@live.co.uk

I would like to add here that my child doesn't have an orange tattoo across one side of his face. It's child safe felt tip. He liked to eat them, so he can't have them no more!

Thanks for getting this far!

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