14 Sep 2011

I've Moved!

Hey Blogsters!
I've moved!
Yep that's right I have shuffled over to the left a bit and I now reside at KydelMakes.Wordpress.com

There is nothing wrong with the wonders of blogspot, I just wanted a bit more freedom and I can update from my phone too, which makes my life a little easier.

At the minute all my released patterns etc are here only, but I will be gradually moving things over there.

Come and visit! Don't be a stranger!!

7 Sep 2011

The Amy Cowl

Ooh it's been a while for me. My apologies. I've been pretty busy with the result of the photoshoot. What with updating 3 online stores and still knitting, it's taken up a lot of spare time. BUT, I have a new pattern release anyway :)

Please give a warm welcome to The Amy Cowl:

An old pattern of mine, I decided it was time to get it written out!
Very simple and absolutely for a beginner, but anyone can have a go since it turns out beautifully snug.

Download it free! Here:

26 Aug 2011

Woot! I Had A Photo-Shoot!

So I have finally had my designs photographed on a human! Hooray!
An old friend from my rock band days (my band manager to be precise) is now a photographer. He mainly does glamour stuff and has some pretty racy pictures on his website, but he has super kindly agreed to help me out with some gorgeous photos. Most of his models were wanting to do some modelling for me too and you can see a few of the results below.
Just call me MEGAHAPPY! :D

Tra La La! Happy Happy Happy! lol! Sorry, it's been a long time coming and I was so sick of Barb (my mannequin), she was very stiff you know dahrlink!
Anyway, all patterns will be updated with their beautilicious new photo and all posts about the patterns will be updated too :)
For super sexy photos of your designs, go to www.zegrae.co.uk 
He is a special man!

19 Aug 2011


Following straight after School Daze is another hat. I had both in testing at the same time so they have both completed now too.
Air is a slouchy super fast knit with a lace style pattern to keep your head getting too hot in your hat and looks gorgeous! I wanted to do a spiralling pattern and this is exactly what I had in mind...which makes a change for me :)

Air is available for download now.

18 Aug 2011

School Daze

My second pattern is released on Ravelry. Hooray!
School Daze is a cabled pom pom hat with some old school charm, hence the name.
It's not made in the conventional way of making a hat. You actually start with the cabeling and add the pom pom and ribbing band later. This is probably because it started its life as a cabled cowl...but I thought it was kinda boring so bound it off and made a hat instead! Much more fun and super cute to boot!

Buy it now from Ravelry.

12 Aug 2011

Mossy Pearls

My first pattern for sale has gone up on Ravelry!

Mossy Pearls is a straight forward, easy pattern that makes a lovely slouched hat.
I'm so excited.
I have been making this hat for a while for people and didn't really think about selling the actual pattern until someone asked about it recently.
It's been all tested and everything. Ooh I feel all professional :)

You can buy it straight from this page with the "Buy Now" button that will take you to Ravelry.
Happy Mossing :D

7 Aug 2011

Introducing Triple C

My friend Alan had his birthday on August 2nd. I decided I would switch from the routine of buying him something vodka related and make him something instead. 
He is quite a cool guy, likes to stay in trend, but likes to stay warm too so I designed a cowl which would be super warm in the freezing winter, but open up for some air if it got too much - I find that with cowls sometimes.
I finished it yesterday (I don't see Alan until Tuesday so I haven't kept him waiting, honest!) and liked it so much I have listed it in my shops as a make to order item.
I'll also be writing out the pattern for knitters to make their own.

I even persuaded a very reluctant DH to pose for me wearing it :)

Wanna see the reluctance? ...

Tee Hee ... He wasn't happy :D

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