17 May 2011

Hooray! A Yummy Wool Shop! Baaaaaaa!

After trailing the internet for a lovely shop to sell me the yarn I want, I have found one near my mum's house in Hartlepool!
While the lady was on the phone I took some sneaky photos with the camera on my mobile. Not great but I was in awe...
Merino Heaven!

Button Heaven

Bits and Bobs Heaven

And more yummy wool!

I'm in love with this shop! But I haven't had chance to get back yet and since going there I have noticed a new shop open up in my home town of Darlington. It's not as big as this one and doesn't look like a wool warehouse! But I'll take a look around since this is 40 minutes drive for me. Bit far to go in a hurry. Doesn't mean I won't be popping in when I go to see my mum!

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