25 May 2011

Sunny Days and Baby Kittens

Well we have had some lovely weather lately and then it all went horribly wrong this week when we got the torrential rain and the blustering winds :(
So I thought I would remind us all of the sunshine with a sunny picture of Kaden taken a few weeks ago.

On Easter Sunday this year, one of our cats (we have 3) gave birth to her 6th litter! She had 4 beautiful cuddly kittens but as she had them in the back of our under stairs cupboard, we are only just able to see them properly and get photos of them. 
Here are a couple of the kittens. More to come when I can catch them!
Tiny Dude!

Not sure why I have screw drivers around my laptop. It definitely isn't broken...
He/she has gorgeous colouring!

Cheezburger moment!

She wasn't impressed with being picked up at first :S

But she got the hang of it quite quickly.

Tiny Ginger baby!

There are two more kittens to see. Both are a lot darker than these two. I'll get some pictures up as soon as I can. They are 4 weeks old now so only 4 weeks before they will be sold. Making the most of them now :)

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