24 Jun 2011

Ok I Know I'm Not Meant To Be Blogging But...

I saw this on another knitting blog and was blown away!!

Want One!!
Here is the link to the original site so you can read all about it but basically; "The Wool Ball Charger is an ultra long charging cable disguised as a ball of yarn. You get the length when you need it all in a tight little and dare I say… cute package."

Ok...now I'm going :)

20 Jun 2011

No Blogging for a bit

I'm in a tiz!
I move house in exactly 5 days and I have one box of DVD's packed, that's it!
I am busy busy busy so I won't be taking any time to blog for a little bit.
I just get followers too :(
I promise I will be back to spin some yarns and put some house moving news up. Pictures of the new abode etc.
I think I'll take some pictures of the ex abode so you can see how nice we have it since the move :)
As for now, I will say ta tar! (in a very British accent) and be back soon, I promise. I already know what tutorial I'm putting up when I get back :)

15 Jun 2011

Gorgeous Knitting Designs

I came across some photos on Pinterest a few days ago and fell in love with the knitting design.
I've lost the original source now so I have no idea who has designed these but I love them so much!

They've given me a lot of inspiration (apart from a knitted bag for your head, I won't be making those). I want to make much bigger items for my shop really but at the minute I'm just concentrating on filling it up so big time consuming patterns are out for the time being. Next year I'm going to have a go at some bigger summer items and keep the inspiration from the pictures above :)

11 Jun 2011

My First Tutorial!

Ok I'm going to put myself out there and have a go at a tutorial.
I have never written out a pattern for anyone other than myself and since I can understand my own gobble-de-gook I'm a bit concerned no-one else will get it...but I'm going to give it a try!
This tutorial is for a knitted flower (starting small!)
Here it is

And an arty shot!
My very bashed in window ledge!

I also noticed just how bent my knitting needles look in the photos! They are very old vintage needles of my nana's. God knows how long she had them before I got them 10 years ago!
So...here is the pattern and some step by step pictures.

What you'll need:
Scraps of DK wool (Worsted weight yarn)
Small crochet hook if you can crochet, or a tapestry needle if you cant :)

Using size 3.25 mm (UK 10/USA 3)
cast on 9 stitches

Row 1: slip 1, k6 turn leaving 2 stitches on right needle
Row 2: p6 turn leaving 1 stitch on right needle
Row 3: k6, turn leaving 2 stitches on right needle
Row 4: p6, turn leaving stitch on right needle
Row 5: k7 turn leaving 1 stitch on right needle
Row 6: p2tog to end - 5sts
Row 7: k1 k2tog pass first stitch over, k2tog - 2sts
Row 8: p2tog - 1st

Use the final stitch to cast on stitches for the next petal and repeat rows 1-8. Keep this up until you have the number of petals needed. (I have 5 on my flower)

Bind off the last stitch sew together by catching a few stitches from the bottom of each petal. Don't worry if there is a hole in the middle as it will be covered by the center piece.

5 Petals done
Crocheted Mass (no Pattern sorry)
Ok this is the odd bit. I cannot crochet for toffee but I did crochet the center. I kind of made it up as I went along with a small size 9 crochet hook I have.
There are a few ways to get the center though. You can crochet a circle if you can do it. Or you can just sew over a few lengths of yarn in a different colour to cover the hole. I will make a flower this way soon and add the photograph to the bottom so it explains a bit better.

Let me know what you think of my first tutorial (even though it doesn't really finish all that great!. I should probably know if my patterns are easy to follow!

Just to add. 
I had this little person to contend with while I was trying to write that pattern out...so any mistakes... you can blame him :P

10 Jun 2011

How Cool Is This!

The very lovely Suzie from Simply Suzies has featured me on her blog with a lovely collection of my summery items.
Very pleased! Thank you Suzie!!
Here's the link to take a look: Kydel Feature

What sort of mother...

Well, I said I would keep you posted on the decision of what I will make Joy for my team swap thingy but I can't really keep you that much informed since Joy might see...and that would be cheating :P
So I'll let you know that I have starting making the item and it is a glorious summer colour and I hope it turns out well. Pictures will be up once I know Joy has it in her possession.
Today, however, my son bumped into a tub of paint in a cubby hole in my house. We are moving very soon (I cant bloody wait!) so I have tubs of paint waiting to be slapped on the wall of my current house so I can get a bit of bond money back (we only rent).
Anyway, back to Kaden... So he bumps into this tub of paint and turned to me to ask "Oh! Is there monsters in there?" What sort of mother does he think I am that I would keep tubs of monsters lying around the house! 
Thanks kidda!

8 Jun 2011

Hmmm.... What to Make?

It's been a while, I know. I'm still trying to get the hang of this blogging stuff.
I have recently signed up to a summer swap with a team from Etsy. It's an all British team and there are a really nice bunch of people there. A few decided it would be fun to make something and swap it with an assigned partner. 
My partner is the very lovely Joy from Cutey Critters
She has emailed me with her likes and dislikes and I have done the same in return. Now it's the hard part...What to make! I'll keep you posted!
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