26 Aug 2011

Woot! I Had A Photo-Shoot!

So I have finally had my designs photographed on a human! Hooray!
An old friend from my rock band days (my band manager to be precise) is now a photographer. He mainly does glamour stuff and has some pretty racy pictures on his website, but he has super kindly agreed to help me out with some gorgeous photos. Most of his models were wanting to do some modelling for me too and you can see a few of the results below.
Just call me MEGAHAPPY! :D

Tra La La! Happy Happy Happy! lol! Sorry, it's been a long time coming and I was so sick of Barb (my mannequin), she was very stiff you know dahrlink!
Anyway, all patterns will be updated with their beautilicious new photo and all posts about the patterns will be updated too :)
For super sexy photos of your designs, go to www.zegrae.co.uk 
He is a special man!

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