7 Aug 2011

Introducing Triple C

My friend Alan had his birthday on August 2nd. I decided I would switch from the routine of buying him something vodka related and make him something instead. 
He is quite a cool guy, likes to stay in trend, but likes to stay warm too so I designed a cowl which would be super warm in the freezing winter, but open up for some air if it got too much - I find that with cowls sometimes.
I finished it yesterday (I don't see Alan until Tuesday so I haven't kept him waiting, honest!) and liked it so much I have listed it in my shops as a make to order item.
I'll also be writing out the pattern for knitters to make their own.

I even persuaded a very reluctant DH to pose for me wearing it :)

Wanna see the reluctance? ...

Tee Hee ... He wasn't happy :D

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