31 Jul 2011

So I decided to try my hand...

I have started to write down my patterns for knitters across the globe to have a look at. My patterns are scrawled in a notepad which only I can understand - seriously, I don't even know how I manage to read them myself, never mind anyone else. I have decrypted my code and have the first one to post here. I will link it to ravelry as well and see how things go down.
This one has not been tested yet so if you do decide to make it and have any problems, please contact me so I can explain and alter the pattern accordingly :)

I Predict A Riot:

I love this block pattern and as the yarn is called "Riot" and knits up into a definite riot of colours, I took the name from a Kaiser Chiefs song I love.

Materials needed:
1 skein King Cole Riot DK in Magic 404
1 Size 4.5mm circular needle
1 Size 4.5mm double pointed needles
Use the needle size best suited to give you the gauge listed below.
1 stitch marker
1 yarn needle
24sts / 26 rows = 4 inches

Materials at the ready? Let’s get started
Cast on 100 stitches on to the circular needle. Place a stitch marker and join in the round.
Knit in a 1 x 1 Rib (K1, P1, repeat) until work measures 1.5 inches.
Row 1: *yo, k2, pass yo* repeat to end
Row 2: Knit
Rows 1 & 2 make the pattern. Continue repeating these rows until work measures 4.5 inches in total, ending with row 2.
Decreasing for the crown:
Row 1: *yo, k2, pass yo* rep to end
Row 2: *K8, K2tog* rep to end
Row 3: as row 1
Row 4: *K7, K2tog* rep to end
Row 5: as row 1
Row 6: *K6, K2tog* rep to end
Continue this way until you have completed row 16 which should be *K1, K2tog* rep to end.
Break yarn and draw through the remaining 20 sts. Pull tight and weave in the loose ends.

[Small Print: Your use of this pattern constitutes your agreement to use this pattern only for personal, non-profit use without specific written permission from the designer. Items made from this pattern may not be sold, nor may the pattern itself be copied, sold, or distributed in any way. Thanks :)    ]

Download the .pdf: Click Here

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