28 Jul 2011

Hooray for Tinterwebs!

I am finally back! It's taken so long to get my internet back on in my new house. They kept me waiting a long time and I was pulling my hair out. Trying to surf the net on a mobile phone is not great fun!
So, in the mean time I've done some new projects:

A lovely open front cardigan in black:


Bit slap hazard with the photos there but hopefully you get the jist :)Unfortunately my mannequin looks terrible in this as it is made for a slight and slender woman, not someone with huge boobs like her. I'm getting my friend (who has the perfect model figure) to pose for me over the next few weeks. It looks stunning on her.

Next is a gorgeous new hat.

I love the colour of this hat. It's sunshine orange and really brightens up the gloomiest days. I will be writting out this pattern asap :)Finally I made a very fine shrug with a silver lace weight wool:

This was such a hard yarn to knit with. It was as thin as cotton. Tricky but worth it.

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