10 Jun 2011

What sort of mother...

Well, I said I would keep you posted on the decision of what I will make Joy for my team swap thingy but I can't really keep you that much informed since Joy might see...and that would be cheating :P
So I'll let you know that I have starting making the item and it is a glorious summer colour and I hope it turns out well. Pictures will be up once I know Joy has it in her possession.
Today, however, my son bumped into a tub of paint in a cubby hole in my house. We are moving very soon (I cant bloody wait!) so I have tubs of paint waiting to be slapped on the wall of my current house so I can get a bit of bond money back (we only rent).
Anyway, back to Kaden... So he bumps into this tub of paint and turned to me to ask "Oh! Is there monsters in there?" What sort of mother does he think I am that I would keep tubs of monsters lying around the house! 
Thanks kidda!

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